TLALNEPANTLA, EdoMex. «Raciel Pérez: The public debt inherited from the PRI and PAN administrations left no benefits for the citizens»

#Elecciones2021 | Raciel Pérez Cruz, candidate for mayor of #Tlalnepantla for the coalition ‘Juntos Haremos Historia en el Estado de México’, affirmed that on June 6th the citizens will decide to consolidate the transformation of Tlalnepantla and the country, to prevent the return of those who did business with public resources instead of allocating them to social programmes and promoting the development of communities.

The #MORENA, #PT and #NuevaAlianza candidate held a meeting with residents of the Prensa Nacional and Bosques de Ceylan neighbourhoods. The candidate indicated that the more than 200 million dollars that the businessman Alonso Ancira agreed to return to Mexicans, «will be destined to the social policy that is implemented throughout the country to bring justice. We continue in this transformation or we will face a regression of interests that turned our country into one of the most unequal in the world, where a few have everything and the majority face the daily drama of survival».

Pérez Cruz pledged to continue with the reconstruction of streets, the fight against corruption, efficient public services, the purging of the police force and the cleaning up of municipal finances to consolidate the transformation of Our City.

He explained that the public debt inherited from the #PRI and #PAN administrations, which left no benefits for the citizens, obliges the municipal government to pay 650 million pesos every year. «With these resources, in three years we could make faster progress on what still needs to be done in Tlalnepantla, such as the reconstruction of all the streets and the water and sewage system, which is more than 40 years old,» he said.

That is why, said #RacielPérezCruz, «we have focused on strengthening public finances with better budget management, reducing salaries and benefits of public servants, we have tightened our belts because only then can we free up resources to address the structural problems of the city, for example, the deficit of police elements, drilling and maintenance of water wells».

«We must not forget what happened in our city, we must preserve the memory so that we do not make the same mistakes. We look to the future with optimism, with hope, we want to overcome that past in which everything mattered but the citizen, we want Tlalnepantla to be in the medium term a municipality where we can feel safe, that gives opportunities to everyone. We are building the foundations,» he said.

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