MINERAL DE LA REFORMA, Hgo. “Israel Felix: We deliver this court to promote sport; it will bring together neighbours and sportsmen»

Municipality at work | Offering dignified spaces for children and youth is one of my main occupations, assured the municipal president of #MineralDeLaReforma, Israel Félix Soto.

The mayor recalled that a few months ago he visited the colonia #SanGuillermoLaReforma and promised to refurbish the multi-purpose court of the «Arnulfo Islas» school.

«Today I am fulfilling my commitment and handing over this completed work that has a brand new court with a goal board, lights, green area and bleachers so that families have a new meeting point that promotes sport and encourages the union between neighbours and sportsmen» #IsraelFélixSoto.

The mayor urged students to take care of this sports space, as it is, he said, for the use and enjoyment of the entire community and athletes.

«This #Multiusos court fulfils the objective of promoting and encouraging sport, physical activity and family coexistence,» he concluded.


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