MONTERREY, N.L. «Luis Donaldo Colosio: The new Road Safety System in Monterrey will save lives on the streets; a priority for our administration»

Public Safety | To solve the road safety crisis facing the city, Monterrey Mayor Luis Donaldo Colosio Riojas announced the creation of the first Road Safety System aimed at «saving lives».

During the appointment of the new Traffic Director of the #Monterrey Safety and Traffic Department, Gerardo Gloria Juárez, the mayor unveiled the three pillars of this model.

The first will be the inter-institutional management of data between the Secretariats of Public Safety and Traffic and Urban Development; second, evidence-based decision making, which will be the responsibility of the C4; and third, the design of public urban road policies aimed at preventing deaths on the asphalt.

«I have given the instruction to install this new Road Safety System because saving lives on the streets is a priority for our administration, therefore, I call on our traffic agents to become agents of change and protectors of the citizenry.» #LuisDonaldoColosioRiojas

«Their main job from now on will be to take care of the people of Monterrey and we will support them in everything necessary to achieve this, today we take on the challenge of going from being the capital of crashes, to being the capital of safe streets,» said the mayor.

He also assured that the first two axes are part of the recommendations made by the World Health Organisation, which is why he emphasised that Monterrey joins the agreements of the new Decade for Road Safety 2021-2030 promoted by the WHO at a global level.


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