Standardization is essential to boost the competitiveness of tourism businesses, said Miguel Torruco Marqués

«Being with all of you today to commemorate this date is a recognition of the cooperative efforts made between governments, the scientific and technical community, administrators, businessmen and civil organizations to identify needs and, from there, develop quality norms and standards,» he said.

He recalled that the Mexican Official Standards (NOM) are technical regulations of mandatory observance, whose essential purpose is to promote quality for economic development and the protection of legitimate public interest objectives, through the establishment of specifications or characteristics applicable to a good, product, process or service.

He stated that the Ministry of Tourism (SECTUR), through the National Advisory Committee for Tourism Standardization, its subcommittees and working groups, reviews, modifies and/or issues the Official Mexican Tourism Standards that allow service providers in the industry to be more competitive and provide higher quality in their work.

The head of SECTUR explained that the current NOMs for tourism are those that refer to the minimum requirements for operation, information, hygiene, safety, facilities and equipment that must be met by campground tourism service providers; the regulatory elements of the civil liability insurance that must be contracted by lodging tourism service providers for the protection and safety of tourists or users; and the one that establishes the elements to which general and specialized guides must adhere in specific cultural themes or localities.

Others are the one that determines the elements to be observed by guides specialized in specific activities; the one referring to the requirements to be contained in the contracts entered into by tourist service providers with tourists; and the one that addresses the safety, information and operation requirements to be complied with by Adventure Tourism tourist service providers; as well as the one corresponding to the rendering of diving tourist services.

He assured that in this very important issue for the tourism activity, we are working in coordination with the Ministry of Economy in order to maintain the current platform of Mexican Official Standards and to project other standards designed to respond to the challenges of the 21st century.

«After the lesson that the pandemic has taught us, the idea is to leave a strengthened and strategic platform of Mexican Official Standards for the coming decades, which will provide support, viability and impetus to the national tourism system,» he said.

He stressed that this is a systemic and structural approach that is fully in line with the National Development Plan 2019-2024, the Tourism Sector Program and with the challenges that have manifested themselves nationally and internationally during the pandemic.


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