Miguel Torruco heads the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Pan-American Confederation of Hotel, Gastronomy and Tourism Schools

He affirmed that the emergence of this group, of which he was a member, represented for its founders the realization of the dream of uniting the Pan-American region through tourism education.

He recalled that on November 25, 1991, the First Pan-American Congress of Schools of Hotel Management and Tourism was inaugurated, with a capacity of 50 observers and 158 representatives of the most prestigious academic institutions from 26 countries of the American continent and 15 states of the Mexican Republic.

On November 28th of that year, during the closing ceremony of that congress, the Confederación Panamericana de Escuelas de Hotelería y Turismo A.C. (Pan-American Confederation of Hotel Management and Tourism Schools) was established. Years later, the word Gastronomy would be added to the name of this organization.

Therefore, he said that, 30 years later, this consolidated Confederation today plays a leading role in tourism education in the Americas, Spain and Switzerland.

«Increasingly, it is becoming imperative for tourism schools to offer high-level training and a balance between theory and practice. To this end, it is necessary to continuously improve study plans and programs, facilities and equipment, teachers and students, in order to achieve greater competitiveness in graduates, and with this, a better insertion in the labor field,» he said.

Secretary Torruco Marqués indicated that, in this sense, it is necessary to promote the link between the governmental, social, academic and business sectors, in order to create synergy in favor of a comprehensive education for students.

He added that this is the only way to have a trained labor force that responds to the demands of the productive apparatus, strengthening, in turn, a tourism sector that is indispensable for the economy of nations.

He stated that Conpeht has played a leading role in the research congresses applied to tourism organized by the Ministry of Tourism, through its Institute of Tourism Competitiveness (Ictur).

The Confederation has also been very active in the regional workshop of the Americas of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), and in the Tourism Professionalization Workshops held with the Universidad La Salle Bajío and the Universidad Popular Autónoma del Estado de Puebla.

«Last August, the Mexico Chapter of the Conpeht witnessed the signing of the Agreement for Tourism Training in Mexico, adhering to it, with concrete training actions by schools belonging to this Confederation. It should be noted that this initiative, which seeks to strengthen the competitiveness of the sector, is developed free of charge,» he said.

He added that, likewise, representatives of the institutions that are part of the Conpeht have attended courses, seminars and workshops organized by the Ministry of Tourism (SECTUR) on topics such as Research Methodology, Gastronomic Tourism and Tourism Sustainability, among others. And on occasions, in their capacity as experts, they have participated as speakers.


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