Athletes from Benito Juárez win 24 medals in the National Artistic Gymnastics Championship 2021

#AlcaldíaBenitoJuárez, #CDMX.The 13 athletes from the Benito Juárez representative team that participated in the National Artistic Gymnastics Championships 2021, as part of the Mexico City delegation, won 24 medals in this sporting event held in Guadalajara, Jalisco.

The 5 women and 8 men of the representative team from the Mayor’s Office, who made up a quarter of the total number of athletes from the capital, won 3 gold medals, 7 silver medals, 5 bronze medals, 3 4th place medals, 1 5th place medal, 2 6th place medals, 1 7th place medal, 1 8th place medal and 1 9th place medal in the different modalities of Artistic Gymnastics.

These 13 athletes, proudly from Benito Juárez are: Támara Camacho, Fátima Galicia, Saraí López, Sharon García, Melanine Jiménez, Leonardo García, André Guzmán and Randú Pérez, Josué Hernández with FIG level, a category that can compete in Pan American, Central American and Olympic games and that for the first time Mexico City had a representation, as well as Luis Francisco Valdés, Alexei Gómez, Leonardo González and Farid Jácome, levels 10 A and 10 B, categories that can participate in Pan American youth games.

It should be noted that the gymnasts train at the Benito Juárez Sports Centre, which has been renovated and has a first class infrastructure as part of the commitment of the mayor #SantiagoTaboada to promote sport.


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