Miguel Torruco announces the reactivation of air connectivity in the Mayan World

He indicated that last June, within the framework of the Fourth Extraordinary Session of the Inter-American Committee on Tourism (Citur) of the Organization of American States (OAS), convened by Mexico in its capacity as President, it was reported that the 5 member countries of the Mundo Maya organization are resuming connectivity in the region, with the support of the Mexican airline Aeromar.

He stated that the nations that make up Mundo Maya: Belize, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico must create synergy and work on the creation of innovative products, as well as on their integration, configuring regional tourist circuits that detonate local economies; that include the interaction of tourists with the communities, as part of their experience; and that promote the rescue of archeological sites and respect for nature, among other actions.

«It is a matter of joining efforts to promote one of the areas of the world with the greatest biodiversity, history and culture, so that our visitors, national and international, have a wide range of possibilities to know and enjoy this enigmatic region,» he said.

The head of the Ministry of Tourism (Sectur) added that the Mayan World has great natural and cultural attractions, so that in 2019 nearly 50 million international tourists arrived in these 5 countries, which represented 3.4 percent of the world total; while these arrivals generated an expenditure of 28 billion dollars, equivalent to 1.9 percent of the spill recorded globally.

Last July, a business conference was held to integrate the Mundo Maya multi-destination product and promote its commercialization at a continental level.

Wholesalers, travel agents and tour operators from the markets of the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America, Panama, Colombia, Chile, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Peru and Argentina participated in the event.

He stated that without connectivity there is no tourism. For this reason, the reactivation of Mundo Maya’s connectivity is part of a comprehensive work plan, which includes the commercialization of the Mundo Maya product.

«As part of this work plan, on December 1, the first stage will be launched, which integrates the southeast of Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras. The second phase will continue with El Salvador and Belize. This initiative represents an unprecedented action in the history of such an important program,» he said.

Secretary Torruco Marqués highlighted that in 2019, just over 160,000 Guatemalan tourists arrived in Mexico by air, spending 160 million dollars; while Guatemala received 110,000 Mexican tourists, who spent 91 million dollars.

Also in 2019, almost 38 thousand Honduran travelers arrived in Mexico, leaving an economic revenue of 37 million dollars; while 16 thousand 657 Mexicans traveled to Honduras, leaving an expenditure of 13 million 720 thousand dollars.


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