The total revenue generated by Formula 1 in Mexico will exceed 14 billion pesos

#SecretaríaDeTurismo.- This morning, together with the Secretary of Tourism of Mexico City, Paola Felix, gave the starting signal for the free F1 CDMX show, the result of a collaboration agreement between the federal Ministry of Tourism and Red Bull, the head of Sectur explained that while visitor spending on lodging alone is estimated at 192.1 million pesos (9.4 million dollars), the revenue from tourist services is estimated at 2,183 million pesos (106.3 million dollars).

He added that as of today, hotel occupancy in the nation’s capital is already at 90 percent.

The exhibition, which started at the Angel of Independence and continued along Paseo de la Reforma Avenue, was led by the Mexican driver of the Red Bull team, Sergio «Checo» Pérez.

Secretary Torruco Marqués added that the revenue generated by the media coverage of the race, which will take place from November 5 to 7, will be between 6 and 7 billion pesos, as well as an additional 5 billion pesos for other concepts, such as ticket sales and souvenir sales, according to data provided by the organizers of the event, which will be broadcast to 200 countries. These amounts represent 585 million dollars.


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