Federal government and Ecatepec agree to train 2,500 municipal police and conciliating officers

#Ecatepec, #Edomex.- Mayor Fernando Vilchis Contreras informed that administrative and operational personnel from the Public Safety and Municipal Transit Department, as well as those in charge of the Conciliatory Offices, will be trained to reinforce the protocols for first responders and the capture of information on offenders in the Mexico Platform database.

The objective, he said, is to instruct the Public Security elements regarding the correct integration of the first responder’s files and the capture of data in Plataforma Mexico.

Vilchis Contreras considered that this will prevent negligence when making presentations or making available offenders and probable offenders, in addition to forging a pool of data on potentially dangerous or repeat offenders.

«Ecatepec reinforces the training of police and conciliatory officers to continue providing results to citizens in terms of public safety and contain people with antisocial behavior or potential offenders from the streets, ensuring social peace,» he said.

The mayor explained that the course will be given by personnel from the General Directorate of Cybersecurity Services Management and Technological Development of the Secretariat of Security and Citizen Protection of the Mexican government. It is expected that close to 2,500 municipal police officers from Ecatepec will undergo the induction training for Plataforma Mexico.

According to data from the Secretariat of Security and Citizen Protection, in Ecatepec 55% of the detainees are for administrative offenses, which are presented to the Conciliating Officers.

Gerardo Zamacona, coordinator of Development of the Information System of Plataforma Mexico, said that administrative offenses could help identify probable criminals, hence the importance of making a proper record to follow up on the offenders’ arrests.

He added that if the staff is not trained to make the records correctly, it is likely that they are committing acts of corruption, since they will allow the release of alleged offenders or criminals.


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