Monterrey Declares Climate Emergency at the Conference of the Parties on Climate Change

#Monterrey, #N.L.- Monterrey became the first city in Mexico to issue a Climate Emergency Declaration, an announcement made at the COP 26 (Conference of the Parties on Climate Change) in Glasgow, Scotland. For the past two decades, Monterrey and its metropolitan area have suffered from poor air quality for more than half of the days of each year, water shortages and fires in the surrounding mountain ranges.

With the declaration made by Mayor Mayor Luis Donaldo Colosio Riojas, the Monterrey government recognizes the urgency of acting to stop global warming and will take immediate action to address it. Colosio Riojas unveiled Monterrey’s Climate Action Plan, consisting of 5 points: Climate Emergency Declaration to place climate change as a cross-cutting aspect of the city’s policies. Monterrey Green Agreement, which will convene all stakeholders to commit to global best practices.

Climate Action Program with an initial portfolio of four sustainable projects. Greenhouse gas inventory in the city to identify the most urgent areas of mitigation and sectors that will benefit most from sustainable policies. Cities Race to Zero global network, being part of the cities globally committed to decarbonization by 2050.

Mayoress Colosio Riojas’ agenda at COP 26 is focused on obtaining international support and financing for the initial portfolio of four sustainable projects. These projects are the system of urban parks and pedestrian corridors; Monterrey City of Children, which includes safe mobility and environmental education; Monterrey Zero Waste, which seeks to ensure the sustainability of the city and the environment.

Zero Waste to provide integrated management, recycling and green jobs, and Monterrey Clean Energy City, which will promote accessible schemes for the installation of solar panels. Colosio Riojas called on the federal government, local governments, businesses, universities and citizens to work together: «We reiterate our conviction that through collaboration we will go further and advance towards the climate action goals that our planet, our country and our cities need».

As part of his agenda at COP 26 in Glasgow, the Mayor will hold meetings with the World Bank, World Wildlife Fund Cities (WWF) and Local Governments for Sustainability (ICLEI), among other organizations. He will also be part of the Cities for Climate Change Action panel with Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, World Resources Institute (WRI) President Ani Dasgupta and German Cooperation (GIZ) President Ingrid-Gabriela Hoven, among others. «It is now that we must believe in the power of every person and every community. We cities are a force for change to generate a sustainable future,» he concluded.


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