The International Book Fair, the event is an act of territorial justice that begins for Iztapalapa: Clara Brugada

#Iztapalapa, #CDMX. – The mayoress Clara Brugada Molina inaugurated the «Feria del Libro Zócalo Cerca de Ti» in Iztapalapa that takes place in the Macroplaza Cuitláhuac of this demarcation, where the publishers that were in the International Book Fair in the Zócalo of Mexico City, That is an act of territorial justice.

The fair will be open from Thursday to Tuesday, from 11:00 to 20:00 hours, so that the inhabitants of Iztapalapa and surrounding districts can attend to buy books, some with a cost from 10 pesos, and also to receive some of the copies that will be given to the public to encourage the habit of reading.

Clara Brugada invited the entire population to enjoy this cultural fair and announced that there will be a continuous program of 50 hours of reading aloud, which will be accumulated during the time the fair is open, so that attendees can choose the book and the fragment they like the most to read it in front of everyone.

The mayoress established that even though Iztapalapa is the first mayor’s office to receive the Zócalo Book Fair, this does not mean it has privileges. «We want to thank that Iztapalapa is being thought of, but we do not want much more than anyone else, but neither less, and justice is just beginning to be done» to this demarcation, after it had been historically forgotten.


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