I will not be part of a CEN that I do not share: Damián Zepeda, PAN Senator

#SenadoresMéxico. – The rejection of important «leaders» to the decisions of the PAN leadership is increasing, as the snub made to them by Senator Damian Zepeda, former PAN national leader; that of the former governor of Querétaro, Francisco Dominguez; that of the former senator, Roberto Gil Zuarth; that of the former aspirant to the CEN, Gerardo Priego, and that of Senator Gustavo Madero, by not accepting positions as delegates of the CEN in states where there will be elections in 2022.

Unbelievable the CEN of the PAN. Without prior dialogue, it announces charges for those of us who have expressed a different opinion. Infantile, zero politics, pure image. I will always help the PAN, throughout the country, in all the campaigns of 2022, 23 and 24, but I will not be part of a CEN that I do not share, wrote in his social networks, Senator Damian Zepeda Vidales.

For the third time I reiterate my position: I will not participate in any activity with the current PAN leadership.
I will not be an accomplice in the destruction of the party or in the extinction of Mexican democracy and freedom.
It is urgent to recover the height, vision and talent, wrote the former governor of Querétaro, Francisco Dominguez

Zepeda Vidales, in an interview to the media, explained that, What I see today is a lot of arrogance (in the PAN). He (Marko Cortés) comes out angry and blames everyone and the only one to blame is hiself own. If he made a mistake, him say it and correct the course. I do believe that there should have been a change in the PAN in the last election; but it was not done.

Gerardo Priego also wrote in his social networks, before the distorted answers of the «Justice» Commission of the CEN PAN, the Electoral Tribunal supports our right to challenge, something so obvious, they were grossly denying it!. Militants can Impunar a la Dirigencia.

Let them put me on the list to help the PAN have a positive result, the attitude of defeat does not fit and if someone has it, then it does not fit in the PAN; ¡así de claro!, concluded, in the media interview, Senator #DamiánZepedaVidales.


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