Planning pregnancies drastically reduces risks to mothers and babies: ISSSTE

#InstitutoDeSeguridadYServiciosSocialesDeLosTrabajadoresDelEstado.- In order to achieve a healthy pregnancy and childbirth, it is of utmost importance that couples plan each child they wish to have. Therefore, the Instituto de Seguridad y Servicios Sociales de los Trabajadores del Estado (ISSSTE) urges the entitled population to visit their health clinics before conceiving in order to reduce the risk of illness and death due to complications.

The important work of ISSSTE specialists who monitor the development of pregnancy in the female population, to ensure the good health of the mother-child binomial that impacts on the start of a healthy life, said the director general of the agency, Luis Antonio Ramirez Pineda.

Marisol Morales Ballinas, an obstetrician attached to the «1° de Octubre» Regional Hospital, pointed out that the objective of having a good pregnancy control by a professional and making use of technology to make earlier diagnoses, is to improve the life expectancy and health of women, avoid complications, transmission of infections, premature births and malformations in newborns, as well as safeguarding the mother and the baby.

«A healthy pregnancy and childbirth begin with planning and care of the woman’s health before conceiving and physical, mental and nutritional preparation, in addition to economic and social aspects,» she pointed out.

Pregnancy generates a drop in the woman’s immune system and there is a greater propensity to acquire infections of any type, such as urinary, respiratory or viral infections like hepatitis B, rubella and toxoplasmosis, which can cause malformations or infection of the baby inside the uterus, hence the importance of the woman having her full vaccination schedule, including now the vaccine against COVID-19.

The ISSSTE specialist explained that genetic risks and the mother’s lifestyle habits are very important, for example, if she is addicted to tobacco, alcohol or other drugs; if she is very thin or overweight or obese; if she suffers from sexually transmitted infections, among others.

All these factors can lead to the development of pathologies during pregnancy, some of which can include preeclampsia and eclampsia, or complications such as miscarriage, premature births and neonatal malformations.


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