Mexico’s space presence strengthened after International Astronautical Congress 2021

#SecretaríaDeInfraestructuraComunicacionesYTransportes.- The Ministry of Infrastructure, Communications and Transport (SICT), through its decentralized agency, the Mexican Space Agency (AEM), reported that Mexico’s space presence was strengthened following its participation in the «72nd International Astronautical Congress» (IAC 2021).

The largest and most important meeting of the global space community, held through virtual, semi-presential and face-to-face activities and meetings, was the framework to reach multiple agreements and space cooperation actions on behalf of our country.

The general director of the AEM, Salvador Landeros Ayala, pointed out that these cooperation actions could make history, since, thanks to the support and vision of the SICT, it has been possible to articulate ties and projects with several countries around the world that carry out important space activities.

Mexico arranged cooperation actions with Russia, India, the UN and Turkey, which, in order to continue inspiring the new generations of Mexico, were timely disseminated by the agency through respective press releases, he recalled.

In addition, he added, the intense agenda of the global meeting included working meetings with space agencies such as NASA, through its representative Karen Feldstein, as well as with the heads of the agencies of Argentina, Raul Kulichevsky; Brazil, Carlos A. Texeira; Europe, Josef Aschbacher; France, Philippe Baptiste; Israel, Avi Blasberger, and Italy, Giorgio Saccoccia.

As well as with the German agency, through its deputy director Gunter Scheirer; with the President and founder of the Central American Association of Aeronautics and Space of Costa Rica, Carlos Alvarado; and the Vice Presidents of the companies Astrobotics, Dan Hendrickson, and Airbus, Bruno Parenti and Alan Wagner, among others.

These meetings, he explained, can now be translated into joint collaboration actions, in order to continue with a great objective of the AEM, which is to share knowledge and provide space technology to Mexico, to contribute to the solution of problems here on earth, applying them to priority social tasks.


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