The 45th Tianguis Turistico Mexico exceeded expectations and broke several records

#SecretaríaDeTurismo.- Accompanied by the governor of Yucatán, Mauricio Vila Dosal, Secretary Torruco Marqués informed that in this Tianguis Turístico 2021, the first inclusive one, all goals were surpassed, making history with 1,635 buyers, compared to the figure of 2017, in the 42nd edition, in which 1,608 were reported and was the highest on record; likewise, the number of companies was also higher, reaching the participation of 1,17, also surpassing those of that same year.

He added that 43 countries were present, attended by 3,492 exhibitors from 936 companies, also surpassing the historical figures of Acapulco 2019, with 3,408 exhibitors from 851 companies in this area.

As for the number of registered appointments, the head of the Ministry of Tourism assured that there were 57,287, without considering those who attended directly, also surpassing the 2019 mark, which was 47,378 appointments.

Regarding the preliminary sales volume, reported voluntarily by 17 percent of the participating companies, it was reported that they amounted to 598 million pesos.

The six most popular products offered by exhibitors were: Nature Tourism, with 58 percent; Cultural Tourism, 57 percent; Gastronomic Tourism, 55 percent; Adventure Tourism, 50 percent; Sun and Beach, 41 percent; and Romance Tourism, 37 percent.

«This demonstrates and endorses the course of the current administration’s tourism policy, focused on the integration, regionalization and diversification of a product that responds to the tastes and expectations of a more informed and demanding tourist, with a different profile as a result of the pandemic,» he said.

He added that the 10 most requested destinations, according to the survey, were: Cancun, with 28 percent; Riviera Maya, 18 percent; Merida, 16 percent; Mexico City and Los Cabos, 15 percent each; Acapulco, 14 percent; Oaxaca and Puerto Vallarta, 13 percent; the Magical Towns, 11 percent; and Guadalajara, with 10 percent.

Regarding the evaluation of the exhibitors’ profiles by buyers, 60 percent rated them as Excellent; while 56 percent of attendees rated the Tianguis as Excellent and 28 percent as Very Good.

Secretary Torruco Marqués pointed out that the final result of this 45th edition will be positively reflected in the course of 2022, especially in terms of foreign exchange and per capita spending, as new and attractive products being developed by the Federation, states and municipalities will be included and put into operation.


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