Boxers, IMSS authorities and personalities from the World Boxing Council gave toys to children treated at La Raza

#InstitutoMexicanoDelSeguroSocial.- At the General Hospital of the National Medical Center (CMN) La Raza of the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS), boxers, IMSS authorities and personalities from the World Boxing Council (WBC) gave away toys and spent time with more than 90 patients, children and adolescents treated at this medical unit.

The contingent of national boxers, who have been world champions, led by Mariana «La Barbie» Juarez, Ana Maria «La Guerrera» Torres, Yesenia «Niña» Gomez and Ibeth «Roca» Zamora, delighted pediatric patients hospitalized in the areas of Oncology, Hematology, Gastroenterology, Pneumology and Endocrinology.

This activity took place within the framework of the 59th World Boxing Council Convention held in Mexico City. The visit to the hospital was supported by the WBC Cares Global Foundation presided by Jill Diamond and directed by Mrs. Chris Manzur, Mauricio Sulaiman’s wife.

The Technical Coordinator of Physical Culture and Sports of the Social Security, Héctor García Antonio, pointed out that this foundation programs activities with children, young people, seniors and athletes who are in a situation or condition of vulnerability. On this occasion they decided to go to the pediatric area of the General Hospital «La Raza» to spend time with the little ones there.

«It was a very meaningful and sensitive visit, being able to spend time with the children has been very enriching. In a special way, I would like to thank the general director of IMSS, Mr. Zoé Robledo, for having hosted this activity in the company of this great foundation with a noble cause for the patients who are treated in this great institution,» said García Antonio.

In his turn, Dr. Carlos Quezada Sanchez, head of the Control Office of the Medical Benefits Department, indicated that the visit of recognized champions in our country and at an international level is a source of joy and enthusiasm for the patients.

«For us as doctors, the children’s encouragement is very important, because it helps us to make the disease and the treatments they are receiving more bearable,» he emphasized.


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