Mayor of Benito Juárez, Santiago Taboada, leads delivery of «Unemployment Insurance»

#BenitoJuárez, #CDMX.- Mayor Santiago Taboada led the delivery of the «Unemployment Insurance», social support delivered for the second consecutive year with which 1,200 Benito Juarez residents were benefited with 5,000 pesos each, after they lost their jobs due to the pandemic.

«We would like there to be no unemployment, without a doubt it is one of the things the government has pending, but in the face of the economic crisis, the lack of opportunities and the bad economic decisions of the Federal Government, the Mayor’s Office of Benito Juárez is responding, it is taking a step forward», he highlighted.

Santiago Taboada affirmed that this economic support, unique in its kind, is born from the priority of improving the living conditions of the neighbors and reactivating the economy of those who live in Benito Juárez, in the face of the closed-mindedness of an approved Expenditure Budget that, he said, only benefits whims and does not generate jobs.

«Not for that reason we have stopped addressing these needs and these demands that the neighbors of Benito Juarez have, his government is looking for a way to accompany them in this difficult moment, such as unemployment. It is here to stay, let’s hope that the decisions will change, that the country’s conditions will improve so that less and less people will require this insurance», she emphasized.

Eunice Mejía, a resident of the San Simón Ticumac neighborhood and beneficiary of this support, said that this resource will help her to cope with day-to-day expenses. «It is good that they are thinking of the people who lost their jobs and it is good that they are supporting us. For the same reason that the pandemic was an emergency, I feel that, in any case, it does make a difference to have a support that you did not expect than to be without it. Thank you very much for considering and making a section to support the unemployed».


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