Querétaro commemorates the 111th Anniversary of the beginning of the Mexican Revolution in Santa Rosa Jáuregui

#Querétaro, #Qro.- To commemorate the 111th anniversary of the beginning of the Mexican Revolution, but without neglecting respect for health prevention measures, the Santa Rosa Jáuregui Delegation presented awards to cultural and sports groups in the district.

In the event held at the Delegation’s esplanade, the following participated and received recognition: the CECYTEQ Montenegro School’s escort and marching band, the «Culture and Tradition» folkloric dance group, CONAFE special education, the official volleyball league in Santa Rosa Jáuregui, the performer Doña Crucita and the «Olvera» Olympic Wrestling Academy.

This celebration was led by the Coordinator of Delegates, Agustín Luna Lugo; the Municipal Delegate of Santa Rosa Jáuregui, Alejandro Rodríguez; Councilman José Luis Aguilera Rico, and child athletes and members of the cultural groups, as well as their instructors.


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