Mauricio Kuri calls on Queretaro to bet on Queretaro

#EstadoDeQuerétaro.- During the swearing-in ceremony of the Mexican Council for Foreign Trade, Investment and Technology, the state governor, Mauricio Kuri González, called on the productive sector to bet on Querétaro to drive the country’s growth and development. He added that businessmen are the ones who generate jobs and provide a better quality of life for the people of Querétaro.

«We have to bet on competitiveness, innovation, technological development as they did here (…) to have better competition,» he said.

Kuri Gonzalez emphasized that in his administration will provide all the facilities for companies to have better results and thus ensure that the entity remains a national example in entrepreneurship.

«We have good people, people who know how to work, great entrepreneurs, people who know how to innovate and develop technology,» he said.

The governor reaffirmed his commitment to provide security, energy, water, regulatory improvement and business facilitation to the business sector, always taking into account the expert opinion and talent of COMCE.

After being sworn in as the new president of COMCE-Queretaro, Oscar Peralta Casares, said that there will be collaboration between businessmen and the state government so that, through the Council, the challenges of foreign trade become opportunities and take the country and the state higher.

«We will work very closely, uniting our businessmen with the state and municipal governments to guarantee the development of Querétaro and continue providing opportunities and guaranteeing our future,» he said.

The national president of COMCE, Valentín Díez Morodo, emphasized that the strengthening of exports is fundamental to resume the growth of foreign trade and economic development of the state; in this sense, he urged to support Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in their incorporation in the export activity, either directly or indirectly, supplying inputs to the large Queretaro industry that stands out in the automotive, aerospace, household appliances, agro-industrial sectors, among others.


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