The budget for 2022, key for Tijuana’s future: Montserrat Caballero

#Tijuana, #BajaCalifornia. – As is well known, they gave the green light to the budget for the year 2022, informed the mayoress of Tijuana, Montserrat Caballero, and They unanimously approved the resource to work on what our city needs most.

«When I was campaigning, I visited the neighborhoods to know the pulse of the citizens and where we really need to put our efforts. My governmental axes address these needs in a timely manner», #MontserratCaballero.

Now, added the mayoress, the responsibility of making it a reality remains in the hands of the State Congress. I am extremely concerned about the security and needs of Tijuana, and we need the resources to work on it.

«Now, as mayoress of the most populated municipality in the state, I call on the deputies to do the same, to provide the municipalities with the necessary tools to consolidate the transformation of Baja California», concluded the mayoress.

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