Atizapán de Zaragoza receives another recognition for implementing good planning and public administration practices

#Atizapán, #Edoméx.- For the second time, the government of Atizapán de Zaragoza, presided by Mayor Ruth Olvera Nieto, is recognized for its projects and policies in public administration for the benefit of the inhabitants of the municipality.
On this occasion it was recognized with a Special Mention in the thematic line of «Good Governance and Public Safety» of the «First Award for Municipal Public Innovation 2021», organized by the Planning Committee for the Development of the State of Mexico (COPLADEM).

On behalf of Ruth Olvera Nieto, the head of the Information, Planning, Programming and Evaluation Unit (UIPPE) of Atizapán de Zaragoza, Eduardo Pérez Monroy, and his work team, received the recognition from the Secretary General of Government, Ernesto Nemer Álvarez and the Secretary of Finance, Rodrigo Jarque Lira, among other personalities from the academic field, at the Convention and Exhibition Center in the city of Toluca.

Eduardo Pérez Monroy pointed out that the purpose of the award was to recognize those innovative projects, policies and programs that, due to their scope and transcendence in municipal public life, could be considered successful experiences.

«In the case of Atizapán de Zaragoza, we were awarded a special mention in the thematic line of ‘Good Government and Public Safety’, through the project ‘Municipal System of Statistical and Geographic Information’, an initiative that facilitates the management of municipal daily information and strengthens the tasks of ‘Municipal Strategic Planning’, in addition to generating information of public interest for the citizenship».

Based on this, he highlighted that to date the System has generated 11 Statistical and Geographic Information Notebooks with topics that contribute to municipal development, among which stand out:

Physical and Geographic Environment, Population, Health and Educational Infrastructure, Urban Equipment and Infrastructure, Roads, Public Services, Sports and Recreation, Economic Development, Public Safety, Forestry Resources, Drinking Water, Gender Statistics, as well as administrative and governmental procedures and functions; in addition to 99 georeferenced thematic maps on infrastructure, equipment and services of the Municipal Public Administration.


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