DIF Municipal de Querétaro participates in the installation of the Women’s Commission of the City Council

#Querétaro, #Qro.- On behalf of Arahí Domínguez, President of the Board of Trustees of the Municipal DIF, Laura Garibay Barajas, General Director of the Municipal DIF, was the guest of honor at the beginning of the work of the Women’s Commission of the H. City Hall, which is headed by Councilwoman María Del Carmen Presa Ortega, together with Councilwomen Fátima Yadira Montes Fraire and Martha Fabiola Larrondo Montes, and whose objective is to implement actions that help improve the quality of life of Queretaro women, taking as its axis the attention to their rights and the eradication of violence against them.

«It is clear to us that there is still much to be done, that is why we will work and provide all the support from this commission to programs, protocols, events, workshops, campaigns and regulations that contribute to the creation of public policies that allow us to set mechanisms and strategies for the promotion of the human rights of women in the Municipality of Queretaro,» said the President of the Commission.

María del Carmen Presa recognized the actions and efforts promoted by the Municipality such as: the Con Ellas program; the System for Substantive Equality between Women and Men to Prevent, Punish and Eradicate Violence against Women; the Regulations and Protocol of the Committee for Attention and Prevention of Sexual Harassment and Harassment of the Municipality of Querétaro; and the Women’s University. All these efforts make women’s rights effective because they allow reducing inequalities, so she committed to provide full support to promote the regulation of the Secretary of Women.

Finally, Presa Ortega pointed out that within the framework of the «International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women», in collaboration with the UNNATI Foundation, a workshop «Toolbox for your personal development» will be held on November 25 at the Civic Center Auditorium.

During the installation of the Women’s Commission’s work, the following were also present: Marisol Kuri Lozano, General Director of the Queretaro Institute for Women and Jessica Moncada Herrera, Secretary for Women of the Municipality of Queretaro.


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