ISSSTE supports women’s access to a life free of violence and respect for their labor and human rights

#InstitutoDeSeguridadYServiciosSocialesDeLosTrabajadoresDelEstado.- In compliance with and respect for human rights and the «Pronouncement Zero Tolerance to Sexual Harassment and Sexual Harassment», the Instituto de Seguridad y Servicios Sociales de los Trabajadores del Estado (ISSSTE) provides comprehensive care to all women who have felt assaulted by any form of discrimination and/or violence, informed Vanessa Prieto Barrientos, Deputy Director of Customer Service.

At the commemoration of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women at the ISSSTE’s regional representation in the northern part of Mexico City, Prieto Barrientos stressed that through the Center for Women’s Support Studies (CEAM), the victim who decides to raise her voice if she feels assaulted or harassed is accompanied, and is given a space to listen and then initiate the corresponding complaint procedure.

«It is extremely important because sometimes what we are looking for is to be heard and for our voice not to be lost in bureaucratic procedures,» she said, accompanied by the President of the SNTISSSTE CEN, Luis Miguel Victoria Ranfla; the National Head of Mental Health ECOS, Lucía Ledesma Torres, and the medical sub-delegate of the northern zone, Rocío González Gutiérrez.

«The director general, Luis Antonio Ramírez Pineda, has been forceful in generating conditions that allow for reducing inequalities between men and women, which is why on September 20 of this year, the Integration and Operation Manual of the ISSSTE Commission for Labor Equality and Non-Discrimination was published in the Official Gazette of the Federation, This is a coalition in which all areas have been involved and there is a council that seeks to ensure that this situation does not go unnoticed, that cases are dealt with and followed up to the end,» Prieto Barrientos added.

The ISSSTE is committed to combating this social problem that has caused so much harm to the female population, which is why it is promoting a strategy to create violence-free workplaces with a current declaration of zero tolerance for sexual abuse and with prevention, reporting and support actions through the CEAM.


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