North 32nd Literary Encounter honored Victor Soto Ferrel at the Cecut

#SecretaríaDeCultura.- With a tribute to poet, writer, academic and film analyst Victor Soto Ferrel, for his performance as an outstanding intellectual, the Norte 32nd Literary Encounter kicked off this Wednesday, November 24, organized for the third year by the Tijuana Cultural Center, an agency of the Ministry of Culture of the Government of Mexico.

With the message of the general director of Cecut, Dr. Vianka Robles Santana, Norte 32° was inaugurated; «the main idea of this initiative is to generate a celebration around the word and with it bring new readers closer to the literary production in its different genres that are generated especially in the north of the country».

The federal official said, «we recognize Victor Soto for the intention and impact of his work, for his teaching work, his advocacy to raise awareness of literary and cinematographic art and because he is part of this pioneering generation, who once thought that Tijuana’s reality should be transformed with words, ink and paper.

The tribute was attended by writer Ruth Vargas Leyva and writer Juan Carlos Zamora. On the one hand, writer Ruth Vargas described the author of the book of poems Sal de espejo as an «essential character in literary life, Victor is a learned master, full of anecdotes with a great sense of humor, I would say also of irony and sarcasm, with an enormous curiosity and intellectual freshness.»

While the academic Juan Carlos Zamora recalled some facets of Soto Ferrel, «in his poetic work we come across strokes as subtle as powerful, that speak to us of a subject that inhabits and contemplates, that bursts with the finest caress and concentrates a strength that marvels.»


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