Governor of Queretaro delivers works for 9 million pesos to Santa Rosa Polytechnic School

#EstadoDeQuerétaro.- The governor of the state, Mauricio Kuri González, led the delivery of a civic plaza and a soccer field at the Polytechnic University of Santa Rosa Jáuregui (UPSRJ), works that represented an investment of nine million pesos in a joint effort with the municipality of Querétaro.

«They will always count on the state government to support them, to fulfill their dreams (…) give it your all, there is only one life and count on me to take Querétaro together, forward, to the next level,» he emphasized.

Kuri Gonzalez urged the student community to take advantage of the tools provided by their university to be more competitive and achieve their goals. He also invited them to be ambitious and not to set ceilings that impede their professional growth; likewise, he reaffirmed his commitment to support education with the objective that Queretaro’s students can fulfill their dreams.

«Right now we are living in the best state of the Republic, but I want us to be able to go to the next level and continue enjoying a state with security, a state with tranquility, a state with economic prosperity,» he said.

The director of the Institute of Sports and Recreation of the State of Queretaro (INDEREQ), Edward Sanchez del Rio, recalled that the construction of the court at the Polytechnic of Santa Rosa is the result of government coordination through the Materials Bank program.

He referred that the sports space contributes to the 2030 agenda, adds to the educational quality, promotes health care and develops sustainable spaces thinking of the next generations.

In her speech, the Secretary of Education, Martha Elena Soto Obregón, pledged to support all state universities and to continue strengthening their role within the state to train high quality professionals, successful linkages and very high standards of employability.

Arturo Torres Gutiérrez, Secretary of Human and Social Development of the capital city, on behalf of the Mayor, commented that the joint investment between the state and the municipality is proof of the commitment to sports and the construction of meeting spaces for the youth of Querétaro.

The event was attended by local deputies Beatriz Marmolejo Rojas and Ana Paola López Birlain; the secretaries of Urban Development and Public Works, Fernando González Salinas, and of Social Development, Agustín Dorantes Lámbarri; the coordinator of the State Infrastructure Commission (CEI), Sonia Carrillo Rosillo; the general director of the Institute of Physical Educational Infrastructure of the State of Querétaro (IIFEQ), Fernando Julio César Orozco Vega; students from the Santa Rosa Polytechnic; as well as municipal officials.


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