IMIPE Celaya presents work plan to the Board of Directors

#Celaya, #Gto.- Developing sustainable plans and projects, implementing the 2030 Agenda in public policies and strengthening citizen participation are the main objectives of the new administration of the Municipal Institute of Research, Planning and Statistics (IMIPE) of Celaya.

This was pointed out at the sixteenth meeting of the Institute’s Board of Directors, and the first to be attended by Mayor Javier Mendoza Márquez, the three representatives of the 2021 – 2024 City Council: Councilwoman Cristina Villalobos Hermosillo, president of the DUOET Commission; Councilwoman Raquel Trejo Granados, president of the Public Works and Municipal Services Commission, and Councilwoman Isabel Herrejón Arredondo, president of the Potable Water, Sewage and Wastewater Treatment Commission; as well as IMIPE’s general director, Sergio Martínez León.

During the session, Mr. Martínez León gave an introductory presentation on the background and activities of the Institute to the new members of the Board of Directors, highlighting the objectives to be pursued by IMIPE and the work focus for the next three years.

Administrative and public account aspects were also analyzed, as well as the review of the strategic agenda for the closing of the Institute’s activities in 2021.

It should be noted that IMIPE’s Board of Directors, chaired by Pedro Vásquez Martínez, is made up of 11 members, five of whom are citizens representing various academic, collegiate and business sectors; four members of the City Council, including the Mayor, as well as IMIPE’s general director.

The Board of Directors transcends the municipal government, since its term of office does not end with the three-year term, but rather in the interim, so this Board will complete its term in a year and a half.


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