Mayor of Veracruz, Fernando Yunes Márquez delivers safety and recreation with the reconstruction of Apulco Park

#Veracruz, #Ver.- A few days before presenting his Fourth Government Report, the Mayor of Veracruz, Fernando Yunes Márquez, continues to deliver public works in the municipality and consolidating his position as the first in the state with more results in this area.

This Thursday, November 25, 2021, he inaugurated the reconstruction works of the Apulco Park, located in Rio Apulco and Rio Cotapa, in Lomas de Rio Medio.

«Today we see a completely transformed public space, from what we saw a few months ago to what we see today is an abysmal difference and it becomes one of the most beautiful parks in the municipality,» he said.

He pointed out that this is an investment of 10.5 million pesos that directly benefits a population of more than 10 thousand inhabitants of the area, in addition to a larger number of settlers from adjacent areas who will use the park as a recreation and leisure area.

«A rehabilitated park or sports center immediately becomes a security center, and the levels of insecurity in the surrounding blocks begin to decrease»,

With today’s works, a surface of 6,607 square meters is delivered duly conditioned for the recreation and enjoyment of all the people who visit it.

The Apulco Park combines construction elements such as cobblestones or hydraulic concrete with green areas and furniture for resting, outdoor fitness or simply to take a walk, and also includes a lighting system that provides security at night in the park itself as well as in the adjacent streets.


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