Immediate reaction to COVID-19 in Tlalnepantla

#Tlalnepantla, #Edoméx.– The Government of Tlalnepantla reacted immediately to the COVID-19 pandemic to mitigate its spread in the municipality, applying 20 thousand free rapid tests to detect the disease and in collaboration with the Health Jurisdiction carried out 38 thousand, among other actions, such as disinfection of hospitals and public spaces, informed the Municipal President Raciel Perez Cruz.

In his Third Government Report, the Mayor indicated that in order to apply the 20 thousand rapid tests, personnel from the Municipal Health Institute (IMS) carried out 91 itinerant days in different communities and 34 in Riva Palacio Street, Tlalnepantla Centro, where tests were also applied to people in their vehicles. In addition, in collaboration with the Health Jurisdiction, samples were taken from 5,255 people for PCR tests.

He pointed out that medical advice on treatment and telephone follow-up was provided to 752 people with positive results, 2 thousand oxymeters were delivered to patients with COVID-19 and to the most vulnerable population, 3 thousand 404 free consultations were provided, 1 thousand 582 general consultations and 1 thousand 822 consultations for respiratory disorders, in two mobile medical units in the Dr. Gustavo Baz Prada Civic Plaza.

Paramedics of the Municipal Coordination of Civil Protection provided 1,313 pre-hospital care services to people with COVID-19 symptoms; personnel of the corporation performed 2,468 cleanings and disinfections in open areas, sports facilities, supermarkets, churches, residential areas, government buildings, private homes, testing modules and vaccine application points.

In the National Vaccination Plan against COVID-19, during 10 days, the municipal government was responsible for the logistics, which allowed five points to be set up for the application of the doses, one of them vehicular. For all these actions, the work of the medical personnel of the Municipal Health Institute and the paramedics of the Fenix Unit was recognized through economic support.

In support of the population with a high degree of social backwardness, the municipal program Apoyo Alimentario (Food Support) was implemented, with which 104,750 food pantries were delivered.


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