Fernando Yunes Márquez, Fourth Government Report

#Veracruz, #Ver. – During the presentation of his Fourth Government Report as Constitutional Municipal President of Veracruz, Fernando Yunes Márquez highlighted the achievements obtained during his administration in areas such as public works, urban maintenance, pandemic management, tourism, social and economic development.

From the Municipal Palace, he stated that they have been four challenging years, but full of satisfactions and achievements, all thanks to the effort and good work of a great work team made up of all those who make up the municipality.

He mentioned that, in spite of receiving a City Hall with an administrative disorder in all senses, it was possible to reestablish the administrative and financial balance. Therefore, from day one, he implemented an austerity program: the trustee, the councilors and the Mayor unanimously decided to reduce their salaries by 11% and to limit the number of employees. This adjustment generated savings of 10 million pesos per year, which since 2018 was used in scholarships for 10 thousand girls, boys and young people in elementary and high school, with artistic, sports, university and entrepreneurship scholarships.

Derived from the correct management of resources, the inherited debt was paid and with this the credit rating was raised, going from BB+ to AA-.

It was also the only municipality at the state level to make public all the information of the City Hall, and is currently in second place nationally in terms of transparency, so in 4 years it advanced 29 positions, which fulfilled one of its campaign commitments.


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