Victoria Ruffo renders fifth DIFH results report

#Pachuca, #Hgo. – Victoria Ruffo renders fifth report of results of DIFH More than 38 thousand families affected by the pandemic received 94 thousand 500 food supplies In order to present the progress that has been made, the president of the board of the DIF Hidalgo Victoria Ruffo, delivered her fifth report on Tuesday to members of the board, virtually.

She highlighted that more than 38 thousand families affected by the suspension of economic activities due to the pandemic received 94 thousand 500 food supplies. Actions like this show that DIF Hidalgo works continuously to provide better conditions for people in vulnerable situations. In her message, the president emphasized the attention to disability, since Hidalgo currently occupies the first places in this issue, for actions such as the opening of six new Basic Rehabilitation Units in different municipalities and a total of 1,100,000 therapies to more than 51,000 people with disabilities in Hidalgo.

On health issues, Victoria Ruffo spoke about the oncological treatments for more than 300 children that were carried out thanks to the obtaining of an extraordinary resource in order to treat them at the DIF Children’s Hospital free of charge.


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