Queretaro opens call to join the UniDOS program registration and renewal process

#EstadoDeQuerétaro. –  The governor, Mauricio Kuri González, led the announcement of the registration and renewal of beneficiaries of the UniDOS preferential fare, where he called on citizens of preferential groups, who are not yet part of the register, to register as beneficiaries of this program; he said that this action adds up to take Querétaro to the next level of urban mobility.

He recalled that in November last year the UniDOS preferential fare was launched, with which students, senior citizens and people with disabilities only pay two pesos for their public transportation and zero pesos for the transfer.

«We are clear that the dynamics of our state demand an integral mobility; duly linked to order, oriented to better service, safety, road culture, infrastructure, technology, health care and economic reactivation. We are aware that the improvement of public transportation is a change driven by the citizens,» he said.


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