In Tecámac, the Circo Navideño performances end successfully and with great attendance

#Tecámac, #EstadoDeMéxico. – Nearly 120 thousand people attended the «Christmas Circus» ice show, which the municipal government of Tecámac, headed by Mariela Gutiérrez Escalante, offered to the residents during the New Year’s holidays.

Amid laughter and joy, the attendees who came to one of the three venues installed by the municipal government were able to appreciate this international show, with the participation of skaters from the United States, Canada, Russia and Mexico.
When attending one of the last performances, Mayor Gutiérrez Escalante said that this type of events are carried out by the transparent administration, which leads, does not allow acts of corruption and provides benefits to the people of Tecamaquenses as this family show.

«Wishing you a good holiday season… my commitment is to continue working for the collective welfare, as we did in the first administration. We will act with good sense and sanity and above all, we will administer in an honest and transparent manner, abating corruption and continuing with the objective of providing more and better services to the citizens,» emphasized the mayoress.


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