The Government of San Miguel de Allende urges the population to act responsibly; avoid actions that may cause fires

#SanMiguelDeAllende, #Gto. – According to the records of the Municipal Government, through the Directorate of Civil Protection, during December there were 36 burnings of dry grass in vacant lots; particularly during Christmas Day there were 12 fires identified in the vicinity of the Sanmiguelense territory and affected both vehicles and property adjacent to the heat zone.

Already in 2022, in the first days of January to date there have been 24 more fires, so at the moment there have been 60 grassland fires that have been generated by provocation or carelessness of the properties.

In view of this increase in fires, the Municipal Government urges the population to act responsibly, avoiding this type of harmful practices of environmental impact, as well as refraining from throwing cigarette remains or garbage, since there are flammable residues such as glass or paper, which can cause an uncontrolled fire.


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