domingo, mayo 19, 2024
Outstanding Governor

In Nuevo León, Governor reiterates protection and welfare for animals

#EstadoDeNuevoLeón. –  Governor Samuel Alejandro García Sepúlveda reiterated today his Administration’s commitment to the protection and welfare of all wildlife in Nuevo León.

Respecting sanitary protocols, the state governor held a face-to-face and virtual meeting this Wednesday with representatives of non-governmental animal protection organizations.

«We deeply believe in their cause, we have the animal issue very present and it is a symbol of our government,» he said.

«This issue is like allies, we are with you, we are very interested in the subject, we are the youngest government in all of Mexico, do you think we are not interested in the environment, the animals, it is our subject, so much so that that is why a Secretariat of the Environment was created».

He informed them that within the recently created Secretary of the Environment, a department will be created to be in charge of justice, complaints, protocols and sterilization.


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