Pre-Hispanic archaeological pieces to be auctioned in Belgium are returned to Mexico

#SecretaríaDeCultura.- The Embassy of Mexico in Belgium received in restitution three archaeological pieces that, according to the report made by specialists of the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH), are part of the cultural heritage of the Mexican nation.

These pieces were going to be auctioned by the Carlo Bonte Auction House, in the city of Bruges, Belgium, on March 15. However, after the Mexican Embassy in that country contacted the auction house and the Belgian judicial authorities, and shared the Mexican Government’s position on the commercialization of archaeological pieces abroad, as well as its negative implications in terms of conservation and cultural dissemination, the auction house decided to cancel the sale of these figures.

Therefore, on Wednesday, April 27, the pieces were voluntarily returned by Mrs. Maria Helena Defever, 98 years old. Through the Mexican Embassy in Belgium, the Mexican Government thanked Mrs. Defever for her gesture, within the framework of the good relations prevailing between the two countries. It is hoped that the action of this Belgian citizen will serve as an example to other people and auction houses in Europe, in order to avoid profiting from Mexico’s heritage.


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