Issste will install 35 one-stop service windows for beneficiaries throughout the country

#InstitutoDeSeguridadYServiciosSocialesDeLosTrabajadoresDelEstado.- With the implementation of one-stop service windows for beneficiaries throughout the country, the Instituto de Seguridad y Servicios Sociales de los Trabajadores del Estado (Issste) is making progress in the standardization of procedures, improving service and avoiding long and tortuous processes in the areas of pensions, personal loans, affiliation and validity, informed the General Director, Pedro Zenteno Santaella.

At the inauguration of the sixth One Stop Shop for Customer Service, located in the Issste state representative office in the State of Mexico, the head of the Institute pointed out that the purpose of this model is to provide service with a decisive character by establishing a single contact, without the need to move to other areas of the agency, because customer service is fundamental to achieve the transformation of the Institute.

He pointed out that the work carried out in this service scheme is fundamental, as it facilitates the procedures carried out by the beneficiaries in shorter times and prevents them from having to travel to other entities.


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