Government of Queretaro invests 91.7 million pesos in San Juan del Río for storm mitigation

#Querétaro, #Qro.- In San Juan del Río we will continue working together with the municipal administration to bring solutions and improvements to its communities, said the governor, Mauricio Kuri González, when he delivered the work to improve the conductive capacity of the San Juan River and auxiliary branch, which represented an investment of 91.7 million pesos to benefit more than 12,500 inhabitants.

In his message, which he delivered in the La Rueda neighborhood, one of the most affected by the rainy season at the beginning of his administration, the state governor recalled that his commitment to this municipality, as well as to Tequisquiapan, was not to leave them alone and to promote actions that would help mitigate the effects of rainfall.

«Today, eight months, 15 days later, I can tell you that you can sleep more peacefully, because at this moment there is already three times more capacity to receive water, (…) there are risks, there are things that can be done better and of course we are going to do it and we are going to be very vigilant,» he said.

The head of the State Executive Branch let the people of San Juan know that he may not be with them in all the good times, but he will be with them in all the bad times; he also urged them to seek integration, to take care of the works and to participate in everything related to security, civil protection, social development, culture and more, in order to take their community and the municipality to the next level.


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