The Ministry of Economy files a complaint with the Attorney General’s Office for alleged fraud to obtain subsidies

#SecretaríaDeEconomía.- The Ministry of Economy filed a complaint before the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) after identifying that 14 of the grants of the Financial Support Program for Family Microenterprises (PAFMF) 2021, presented irregularities in order to obtain them.

In this sense, it is presumed that third parties supplanted the identity of the applicants.

In 2021, this program was operated by the Unidad de Desarrollo Productivo (UDP) and the Unidad de Prospectiva, Planeación y Evaluación de la Secretaría de Economía, in addition to the Secretaría del Bienestar.

The complaint has been filed in order to investigate the possible commission of a crime since, despite having complied with the requirements of the program, such as being up to date with their tax obligations and having their electronic signature, a review revealed that the holders of 14 CURPs (Unique Population Registration Number) had allegedly died prior to the processing of the application for support.


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