Boca del Río City Hall continues cleaning and de-watering to face the rainy season

#BocaDelRío, #Ver.- In view of the persistent rains that have been generated in recent days, efforts have been redoubled, cleaning streets and avenues of Boca del Río, informed the Municipal President, Juan Manuel Unánue Abascal.

With this, we seek to reduce risks to the population, as we avoid puddles that may affect citizens, as well as daily activities.

«We are working on prevention measures so that the water from the rains disperses quickly without generating setbacks for the people of Boqueño. With the daily effort of the cleaning crews, precisely these types of issues are avoided in our municipality,» said Unánue Abascal.

In response to warnings about the presence of meteorological phenomena and their effects, tours are conducted to verify the conditions of the city and thus carry out preventive actions.


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