Health for Well-Being Plan reverses corruption and shortage of medical specialists; universal and free care guaranteed / @lopezobrador_ @GobiernoMX >>

#GobiernoDeMéxico.- The Health for Wellbeing Plan eradicates the corruption that prevailed in the distribution and purchase of medicines during the neoliberal period, and reverses the deficit of medical specialists in the country, assured President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

«We are reversing all that backwardness and, as there is will, we have convictions and people want the transformation; progress is being made, (…) it is making its way, facing all the obstacles and we are doing well», he said.

In a morning press conference, the President said that «we have resumed the initial plan, prior to COVID, to consolidate the country’s public health system so that those who do not have social security, which is more than half of the population, can count on medical attention and free medicines».

This initiative prioritizes care in the country’s rural communities. It also focuses on the prevention of chronic diseases, as well as drug use and abuse, and therefore undertakes campaigns on nutrition, reproductive health, and mental and emotional wellbeing.

At the same time, the Health for Wellbeing Plan promotes the rehabilitation and equipping of hospitals, medical units and health centers that were neglected in previous six-year terms.

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