The Water Commission of the State of Mexico adds paper and cardboard to the «Recycle On» e-waste collection program / @alfredodelmazo @Edomex >>>

#Edoméx.- Three months after the Water Commission of the State of Mexico (CAEM) launched the «Recycle On 2022» initiative, which aims to collect electronic waste and thus prevent contamination of water bodies, it announces that products derived from wood pulp, such as paper and cardboard, will also be received.

Through the General Directorate of Coordination with Operating Organizations, CAEM invites to continue participating in this strategy, now with the delivery of notebooks, books, magazines, newspapers, leaves and cardboard, materials that are the main factors of obstruction in the drainage system during the rainy season.

The state agency reminds that «Recycle On» continues to receive computer equipment, printers, regulators, telephones, televisions, radios, as well as household appliances such as blenders and irons, among others.

Those interested should take the materials to any of the 23 collection points open to the public, of which 11 are located in the CAEM offices, 11 in the facilities of the Operating Organizations of the allied municipalities and one more, the one in Ocoyoacac, is itinerant.

On the website you can consult the location of the modules installed by the Commission, which will remain open until November 30.

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