Supporting sports, recovering public buildings and reactivating the economy, the image of the Fourth Transformation: Cuitláhuac García / @CuitlahuacGJ @GobiernoVer

Boca del Río, Veracruz, September 20, 2022.- At the inauguration of the new offices of the State Environmental Protection Agency (PMA) and the Veracruz Sports Institute (IVD), Governor Cuitláhuac García Jiménez said that this work is an example of the good use of resources and one of the most representative actions of his government, allowing a monthly saving of 170 thousand pesos in rents.

It is a building that gives another image to the Virginia subdivision, «the image of the Fourth Transformation with support for sports, the recovery of public buildings and the reactivation of the local economy, as service providers have already started to reopen their businesses,» he said, recalling the disdain and corruption in the times when the goal was to make money by leasing private spaces.

From the Leyes de Reforma Sports Unit, the President announced that together with the Veracruz Eagle Baseball School, the Beto Avila Park and the Luis Pirata Fuente Stadium, it is now time to renovate the Veracruz Arena and the Racquet Center through a new investment, in order to promote the practice of artistic gymnastics, table tennis and squash.

Here he thanked the understanding of the athletes who practiced in the facilities that served as COVID-19 Expanded Health Care Center, reaffirming the commitment with mothers and fathers of the young gymnasts who compete at an excellent level. It is worth mentioning that the investment in the recently inaugurated building was 44 million 122 thousand 077 pesos of state resources.

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