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«Expo Pinos Navidad 2022» is a space of hope for the economic reactivation of producers in Córdoba, Veracruz / @PdteJuanMtnez @AytoCordobaVer >>>

#Córdoba, #Ver.- After the economic impact inherited by the pandemic to society in general, merchants and producers are beginning to recover with the sale of products related to the Christmas season, such as the «Expo Pinos Navidad 2022», located in the esplanade of La Isla market, where seasonal products are offered, becoming a space of hope to improve sales.

Ciro Hernandez Martinez, is a pine tree producer and for 20 years has been dedicated to this activity, for which he prepares all year with the planting of these trees in the town of La Sidra, belonging to the municipality of Atzacan. He recalled that in the beginning he was only dedicated to trade, but due to low sales, he was forced to plant and thus start in this area, which also allows him to maintain low prices to consumers.

His production for this season is around 3 thousand pine trees per year, of which, a quarter was dedicated to the sale of the «Expo Pinos Navidad 2022», where he trusts he will be able to sell his production in the market La Isla, where they were given a space to sell and spend the night while the exhibition lasts, which they thanked the municipal authorities, by granting spaces in an equitable manner and not benefiting only a few.

Likewise, Candelaria de Jesús Flores, Easter merchant, said that she brings her product from the state of Puebla, who is confident that from this week sales will increase, her flowers have a price ranging from 30 to 80 pesos, seeking to keep them affordable so as not to affect the pocket of families.

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