Welfare pension for all Quintana Roo residents with disabilities / @MaraLezama @GobQuintanaRoo >>>

#EstadoDeQuintanaRoo.- Quintana Roo is the first state, in 2023, to join the agreement for the universality of the Pension for the Welfare of Persons with Disabilities, highlighted the governor of the state, Mara Lezama Espinosa when signing the commitment along with the Secretary of Welfare, Ariana Montiel Reyes.

During the event held at the Jacinto Canek sports dome and accompanied by federal, state and municipal authorities, Governor Mara Lezama added that last year, three thousand 518 million pesos were spent in the state, divided into 14 priority programs to support those who have the least.

«This was possible thanks to the federal government and the love that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has for the people of Quintana Roo. A government that has been empathetic and compassionate to improve the quality of life of citizens and has put human beings at the top of the public agenda,» she said.

Mara Lezama added that this is the spirit of the New Agreement for the Welfare and Development of Quintana Roo that she has been promoting since the first day of this government, the first humanist and progressive one, in which corruption is being fought, the cracks through which resources were escaping are being closed to attend first to the poor.

And that is the reason why this year a historic budget will be allocated for social programs, in direct support of those who need it most, to generate welfare and make prosperity be shared and reach the tables of families.

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