miércoles, diciembre 6, 2023
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SEP opens «Prepa en Línea» first call for applications 2023 / @Letamaya @SEP_mx >>>

#SEP.- The Ministry of Public Education (SEP), through the National Online Baccalaureate Service, Prepa en Línea-SEP, opens the first call for 2023, so those interested who have completed high school and want to start studies in Higher Secondary Education, may register until January 27 on the site http://bit.ly/3WnkT8C.

The registration period could end before January 27, if 30 thousand registrations are reached. Prepa en Línea-SEP is a service in high demand by the population; since its creation, this educational option has served 469,879 students.

This educational model of the SEP is aimed at all Mexicans who wish to study or finish high school in the non-school mode. The procedures and studies are carried out 100 percent online and free of charge.

After completing the registration process, applicants will take the propaedeutic module, which lasts four weeks, where they will learn about the technological tools necessary to use the study platform, the details of the educational model and the specialists who will accompany them.

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