domingo, septiembre 24, 2023
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Once again, Benito Juárez is the safest municipality in the CDMX and the third safest in the country / @STaboadaMx @BJAlcaldia >>>

#BenitoJuárez, #CDMX.- The Blindar BJ strategy, implemented by Mayor Santiago Taboada since the beginning of his first administration, has positioned Benito Juárez as the municipality with the highest index of positive perception of security for two consecutive years, in addition to ranking third among municipalities nationwide, according to INEGI data.

Mayor Santiago Taboada has reiterated that Benito Juárez is constantly working for the benefit of its neighbors, which is reflected in the results of the National Urban Public Safety Survey (ENSU), which showed that from September to December of last year the positive perception increased 1.2 percentage points compared to the third quarter of 2022, that is, 80.6 percent of its inhabitants said they felt safer in the district.

It is worth noting that since this measurement began in Mexico City in 2019, thanks to the implementation of Blindar BJ, the mayor’s office has managed to increase its positive perception of security by 34.3 percentage points and in the last year has ranked among the top three safest municipalities to live in, thus demonstrating its effectiveness as a model of civilian police with the ability to deal with crime, without the need to resort to militarization, which has earned it to be replicated in other demarcations.

Therefore, Mayor Santiago Taboada said he will continue to invest, without skimping, in the safety of Benitojuarenses, strengthening the Blindar BJ strategy through technological innovation and police intelligence in this second term.

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