domingo, septiembre 24, 2023

The municipality of Celaya, in Guanajuato, is the regional venue for an informative meeting on 2023 operating rules / @jmendozamarquez @municipiocelaya >>>

#Celaya, #Gto.- Celaya Guanajuato was the regional venue for the presentation of the rules of operation for Child Care Centers and private and mixed daycare centers in 19 municipalities in the state, for the year 2023.

The event was headed by the President of the Patronato DIF, Mrs. Rosa María Suárez de Mendoza and the General Director of the System for the Integral Development of the Family, María del Carmen Núñez Mares, while the organizer was DIF Guanajuato, and the special guest was the Director of Community Strengthening Ernesto Daniel Gallegos Hernández and the Coordinator of that same area, María Teresa Verdín Butanda.

«I thank DIF of the state and the assistance of the 19 municipalities that are with us today, for the actions they carry out for the benefit of families and in this case of children, which is our main engine. Today we are regional headquarters for the presentation of the rules of operation 2023 and we must remember that in our hands is a great responsibility.»

«The girls and boys that are cared for within our child care centers and each one of the registered daycare centers, must have first class treatment. I admire and respect each and every one of the educators who give their hearts every day and who work with great responsibility and vocation of service,» said Mrs. Rosita.

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