By sea and land, a message of hope and solidarity in the San Sebastian 2023 Festivities: Mayoress Paty Lobeira / @PatyYunes @AyuntamientoVer >>>

#Veracruz, #Ver.- The first procession by sea and land to San Sebastian, in which participated the Mayoress Paty Lobeira de Yunes and the Bishop of Veracruz, Carlos Briseño Arch, the message to the people of Veracruz was one of hope, unity, faith and charity, and the wish that everyone will do well.

The procession to San Sebastian began at the Fisherman’s Pier, leaving more than 30 boats to the open sea and descending at the Pier of the Navy of Mexico, to cross the Macroplaza and arrive at the Zócalo of the City, where the Bishop gave his message to the people of Veracruz, to later place the image of the Patron Saint in the Cathedral of Veracruz.

In the Zócalo, the mayoress inaugurated the Fisherman’s Gastronomic Fair, where delicious fish and seafood dishes, typical of Veracruz, were presented, and made the invitation for tourists and locals to come and taste the wide Veracruz cuisine this Saturday and Sunday 22nd.

«We invite you to come and enjoy this Gastronomic Fair at the Fiestas de San Sebastian 2023, here in the Zócalo of Veracruz,» she said.

She affirmed that all the activities carried out during the Festival of San Sebastian, such as the procession along Independencia Avenue, the illumination and placement of decorations in the Zócalo and this Gastronomic Fair have been developed with great success as they have managed to attract a large number of people, reactivating the local economy of the Historic Center.

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