Mobile SAT office is brought to the «Emprendemos Center» in Monterrey, Nuevo León / @mtygob @colosioriojas >>>

#Monterrey, #N.L.- Dozens of citizens have gone to the mobile office of the Tax Administration System (SAT) that the Federal and municipal governments installed in a coordinated manner in the Centro Emprendemos Monterrey.

The Secretary of Economic Development, Betsabé Rocha Nieto, clarified that the service in these offices will be temporary, and invited the community to come to carry out the procedures they require.

“In the Emprendemos Center, which is on the ground floor of Pavilion M, we once again have the SAT mobile unit.

«Those entrepreneurs and those who are looking for a job need certain requirements and this mobile office that the Municipality makes available today will help them a lot,» invited the official.

She explained that it seeks to bring the processes of greatest demand for individuals such as registration to the Federal Taxpayer Registry, generation and renewal of Electronic Signature and issuance of the Proof of Fiscal Situation.

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