DIF calls to protect the children of Baja California from the prevention of domestic accidents / @MarinadelPilar @BCGobierno >>>

#EstadoDeBajaCalifornia.- Within homes, girls and boys must be certain that they live in a safe environment, under the care of their parents or guardians who responsibly provide them with supervision and protection to avoid various accidents that put their physical integrity at risk. and psychological.

The president of DIF Baja California, Mavis Olmeda García, calls on the public to raise awareness and implement preventive actions so that accidents and various situations that may endanger the lives of minors do not occur.

«We deeply regret the recent cases, so it is important to call on the entire community to work hard on the culture of accident prevention in homes,» said the president of DIF Baja California. She added that most accidents can be prevented if the necessary steps are taken.

He stressed that this Administration assumes the commitment and responsibility of working hand in hand with citizens to safeguard the rights of girls and boys, emphasizing the culture of denunciation, to which citizens have the right in case of being a witness or presuming any act that may lead to omission of care or some other violation of the rights of children and adolescents.

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